We’re here to support startup and corporate teams to have honest conversations about diversity, inclusion, and culture.

Over the years, we’ve found that conventional approaches to diversity and inclusion miss the mark. In fact, these approaches can make things worse by cementing divisions and creating a culture of fear. 

Imagine a workplace where leaders, managers, colleagues, interns, and everyone in between can openly and fearlessly share their ideas and experiences. 

It’s not easy, but it can be done. 

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01. Company Culture

We’re fascinated and (just a little bit) obsessed with the conversations that business leaders have about workplace culture. Over time, we’ve learned that some get it right and others, to put it lightly, struggle. After years of reluctantly conforming to questionable approaches to diversity, we chose to go against the grain

02. Diversity

Psychologically safe discussions are the key to a positive workplace culture that aligns your team with your mission. This inevitably means helping your people see the world through someone else’s lens. We’ll help you get this right and create a space where your people see diversity as something that unites rather than divides them.

03. Inclusion

Nobody wants to feel left out. We know how it feels, having been excluded from conversations that impacted us professionally, personally and creatively. A culture that excludes anyone (whether you agree with what they have to say or not) can, by definition, never be inclusive. Let us help you present culture and diversity messaging that gets everyone involved. 

The numbers don’t lie

Happy teams are good for business and the stats prove it:


Greater Profitability


Reduction in Turnover


Meet the Team

Dannique Blake

Founder, Head of People & Culture

Dannique is our people operations extraordinaire, with 16 years of experience in people management, organisational and company culture development. 

She uses her expertise in organisational development and HR to repair company cultures through learning and development initiatives, people policies and processes that focus on inclusion and diversity. 

Ever the advocate for employee wellbeing, Dannique regularly features at events and on podcasts discussing topics including (but not limited to) inclusion, mental wellness, the evolution of HR, OD, and people management practices.

Our Values


Believe in what you say and do what you love. 


Practice what you preach and live your message even when no one is looking.


Why limit your learning? Share it with the people around you and move forwards together.


Trust in who you are. It’ll help you safely step out of your comfort zone. 


Allowing yourself to ask the difficult questions and, vitally, listening to the answers is the way to ensure you’re really heard.


We can’t all agree, all of the time. How we handle those disagreements determines whether our space is truly inclusive. 

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